Music at Faith

You can view our order of worship for this Sunday's service by clicking here.

Our music

Below is a good sample of the kind of music you'll hear at Faith. These were recorded live with the congregation singing on a Sunday.

Our worship style

We describe our worship style as "blended". What does this mean?

Church music can be a delicate subject. Style of worship can determine whether or not visitors decide to stay, what kinds of cultures a given church will reach, and how ethnically and generationally diverse a given church is. Furthermore, our musical preferences are very close to our hearts. They are based on our past experiences, our families, our education, our culture, and much more. This is why we take what we do very seriously at Faith. We recognize that the body of Christ at large is very diverse. We also recognize that Cincinnati - the city we are trying to reach with the gospel - is very diverse. We long to build a generationally and ethnically diverse church. So we strive in our musical worship to be culturally diverse, rooted in history, and biblically faithful. For this reason we do not offer contemporary and traditional services. Our solution instead is to seek to blend various cultural influences together in order to produce a worship experience that will be relevant to as many kinds of people as possible. We want to sing songs that are appealing to un-churched people as well as songs that are beloved by those who've grown up in the church.

our band

We are blessed with all kinds of musical talent at Faith. On a normal Sunday you'll see guitar, drums, grand piano, cello, violin, flute, banjo, and vocalists leading the congregation in worship. We have classically trained musicians and garage band musicians. We also love to give new folks an opportunity to use their gifts. If you have a desire to participate in our worship band then contact the Music Director.