Why Coffee Matters

We are excited to announce that we've just placed an order with Deeper Roots Coffee to have a new brewing system installed. We will now be sourcing freshly roasted beans from them to serve at our Sunday service and other special events. Why are we doing this? We truly believe that this coffee upgrade is one small step in helping our church become more missional.

Missional is quite the buzzword in contemporary evangelicalism, but what does it mean? Tim Keller offers one of the most helpful definitions in a talk he gave at the Urban Plant Life Conference in London. He says:

A missional church gears absolutely every single part of its life - its worship, community, public discourse, preaching, and education - with the presence of non-believers from the culture surrounding in mind…

Have you ever experienced a "culture shock"? Maybe you've been a foreigner in a different country. Foreigners usually feel excluded rather than included because they're unfamiliar with the customs of that particular culture. Entering into a new church can be like traveling to a foreign country - especially for people who have never been part of a church. 

There are churches that unknowingly and unintentionally require people to enter into their culture in order to learn about Jesus. Before people can hear about Jesus they must first experience the "culture shock" of entering into a church community whose customs are very different from the outside culture. Instead of this, we want to enter into our culture and bring the good news of Jesus. 

So why coffee? Our culture loves coffee - good, locally roasted coffee. And we love it too. A silly thing like bad coffee can make people feel excluded. And a silly thing like good coffee can make people feel included. Good coffee ministers to those in our culture who are accustomed to it - a vastly growing population. Caring about good coffee says that we care about them.