What's So Special About Our Children's Ministry?

The Children’s Ministry Team is excited to announce the start of our school year children’s ministry. We call our ministry Catechesis of the Good Shepherd and are passionate about the fact that it is much more then your run-of-the-mill “Sunday School”. 

What makes our Sunday morning time together so different for the children our church? 

It starts with dedicated spaces for each of the three levels (Level 1: 4 years of age through kindergarten, Level 2: 1st grade through 9 years of age, Level 3: 4th grade through 12 years of age). We call these spaces “atriums” to remind us that our classrooms are a special place of preparation for children. You might ask,  “What are our children preparing for?”  Our children are preparing themselves for a life lived in and among the church. Along with knowing Old & New Testament history, biblical geography, and parables, we spend time together in worship though prayer, song, thoughtful study. 

We spend our Sunday mornings along side the child to first cultivate a loving relationship with God. We want our time together to reflect what is happening during our worship service to help the child becomes connected to our community of worshipers. The child’s Sunday morning time in the “atrium” is the primary way our church helps to prepare our children to be ready to join the church body in taking the sacrament of communion.

"What if my children have never been part of Catechesis before?"

Joining our atriums is easy to do. The environment allows for all children to progress in their own time and as they need spiritually. Most lessons are presented in a three year cycle to only to one or two children at a time. When a child moves up to another atrium, the lessons they have seen at a lower level are progressed with further and deeper study. A child could enter our children’s ministry at anytime of the year and feel comfortable because there is no set order to learning in the atrium.

If you are a member of the church or your child has regularly attended in the past, your child should soon be receiving a note from there catechist (teacher). If you are new to the church or are just visiting please visit the Connect Desk, located in the Welcome Area, and ask one of our volunteers to show you to the atrium that is appropriate for your child's age or grade. If you have any question about Catechesis of the Good Shepherd, please feel free to contact me, Suzanne Dorsch, Director of Children’s Ministry. 

We encourage all visitors and members of the congregation to tour all of our atrium spaces. Each atrium contains hours of lovingly prepared materials for the children to work with. We have recently renovated our Level 2 & Level 3 spaces. Our website also offers a little more information on the content of each level of the atrium.

Our first Sunday of class for this school year is September 13, 2015 at 9:00 a.m. This time with your children is precious and goes by quickly. If possible, please arrive a few minutes early so everyone has a chance to settle in before we begin.

John Ortberg and Jim Candy’s forward to Dr. Kara E. Powell & Dr. Chap Clark’s book Sticky Faith states:

“Very few churches have transformed their culture to see kids as a mission field on their own campuses.”

I have wondered for several years how a small church like ours could make a significant impact in the mission field and I now firmly believe that we have been “in the field” of serving our own children for the last six years.