True Religion - Introducing James

If we are saved by grace alone through faith alone then it certainly doesn't matter how we live, right? Does God's Law have any meaning for us today? Paul says we're free from the Law. Doesn't that mean that we can live how we want? What is wisdom and how can I get more of it?

The answers to these questions are complicated. But James, the brother of Jesus, provides some helpful perspectives and corrections to our tendency to disconnect what we believe from how we live. In truth, these two things are inseparable. You're invited to join us Sundays in January and February to study James' neglected little letter. My prayer is that God would use this powerful book to help us grow in wisdom, in our love for his grace, and in our love for his Law. Hope to see you there!

Class Schedule

  1. January 8 - James 1:1 - Introduction to James
  2. January 15 - James 1:2-21 - The Trials That Perfect Us
  3. January 22 - James 1:22-27; James 2:14-26 - The Self-Deceit of Dead Faith
  4. January 29 - James 2:1-13; James 5:1-6 - Favoritism Toward the Rich
  5. February 5 - No Class; Congregational Meeting
  6. February 12 - James 3:1-4:17 - A Meek Heart Makes A Pure Tongue
  7. February 19 - James 5:7-20 - Patience and Prayer