Preparing for Worship - Sunday March 6

You can view our entire order of worship for this Sunday by clicking here. Here are the songs we'll sing together this week:


Style: This a contemporary song done in an up-tempo, indie rock style.

Song Info: Here is another tune written by Dustin Kensrue and appearing on his 2013 The Water and the Blood. This is one of my favorite worship songs written in a long time. What I love most about it is its unapologetic ode to God's pure grace. This song focuses on biblical and reformed themes of salvation by grace alone - that God has invaded our lives with his salvation. He has transformed our hearts and made us want to respond to his grace. He has done everything in our salvation and he alone ought to receive the glory. This tune attempts to give him just that. This is a good song for a call to worship because it approaches the Father with a humble heart overwhelmed by grace - a good starting point for worship.

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2. How Deep The Father's Love For Us

Style: This is a contemporary song performed in an unusual 5/4 timing. It sounds like a classic hymn though it was written in 1995.

Song Info: This is another song produced by Stuart Townend. Written in 1995, it has become one of the most popular worship songs in the church over the past two decades. And like much of Townend's other work, this song shows signs that it will have an enduring legacy and long tenure. The love that Jesus has shown for us in his work on the cross is often recognized. But sometimes the love of the Father is not given the attention it deserves. The content of this song focuses on the love that the Father has shown to us in sending and giving his Son. It's not just that the Son has loved us by dying for us. The Father has loved us by offering up the Son as a sacrifice for sins. This is a rare song that focuses on the sacrifice that the Father made for our salvation.

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Style: We will play the traditional version of this song with a "folk rock" sort of feel. It will be mid-tempo.

Song Info: This hymn is one of the most famous and popular hymns of all time. It was written by Reginald Heber in the late 18th century. Its main focus is on the Trinity. It was even written to be used on "Trinity Sunday" but it has become much more widely used and beloved. It's appropriate at this moment in the worship service because we are still meditating on the transcendence and glory of God but also beginning to recognize our own inadequacies. The hymn sings: "...though the eyes of sinful man thy glory may not see."

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4. Jesus Paid It All

Style: We will play this song in its traditional style. It is low-tempo and prayerful.

Song Info: This hymn comes to us from the nineteenth century. The tune was written by John Grape (originally called "All to Christ I Owe") and the lyrics were written by Elvina Hall. This is a great song to sing after the sermon to prepare our hearts to celebrate the Lord's Supper. God's word preached exposes our sin and guilt before God, our misery, our helplessness, but also exposes God's great provision in Christ. We are debtors before God, but Jesus paid it all. The refrain expresses the spirit in which we should celebrate communion perfectly. When we receive the Lord's Supper we simultaneously acknowledge 1) that Jesus paid it all and we need his atoning sacrifice and 2) that we owe him everything - our entire lives. To receive Christ in communion is to receive him as both Savior and Lord. Jesus paid it all; All to Him I owe. That is the refrain of the Christian life.

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Style: This is a contemporary hymn done in a CCM style. It is up-tempo and joyful.

Song Info: This is one of my favorite songs from hymn writer Stuart Townend. It's subject matter reflects back on our salvation, sings a song of gladness because of it, and looks toward the fulfillment of our salvation: a new heavens and a new earth. "Where countless worshippers will share one song, and cries of 'worthy' will honor the lamb." It is appropriate at this moment in worship because of its emphasis on glory that is to come. A great reminder for us as we conclude worship and go out into the world to live as disciples of Jesus.

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See you Sunday!