Preparing for Worship - January 6, 2019


Join us this new year as we pick back up in our series on Matthew’s Gospel - Immanuel, God With Us. Here are the songs we’ll sing together this Sunday:

1. To God All Praise and Glory

Style: This is a contemporary song which is joyful and resembles the 70s space-rock, dancehall jams of Electric Light Orchestra.

Song Info: This song is an adaptation of the classic hymn "Sing Praise to God Who Reigns Above", originally written by Johann Jakob Schutz in 1675. The Lyrics have not really been altered and the melody has also remained similar. But the feel of the song has changed dramatically. This new arrangement by Brian Eichelberger of Seattle's The Sing Team is responsible for this version. It's theme is Soli Deo Gloria - that glory and praise is due to God alone.

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2. All Glory Be To Christ

Style: This is a newer song played to the tune of Auld Lang Syne. You will recognize the melody, though the chords are a bit different. The song has a lot of energy but it is played at a slower tempo. It has something of an indie-rock feel.

Song Info: Played to the tune of Auld Lang Syne, this song was arranged by Kings Kaleidoscope and lyrics written by Dustin Kensrue. Kensrue is responsible for writing many excellent contemporary hymns and worship songs that we play at Faith. Auld Lang Syne is traditionally sung around the New Year because it is a song of farewell. It bids adieu to the old year in order to welcome the new. Lyrically, this version of the song is about giving all glory to Christ, which is an appropriate parallel. If we've accomplished anything good in the past year, let's use this opportunity to give glory to Christ and thank him for establishing the work of our hands.


3. Come Ye Sinners

Style: We will be playing a contemporary, modified version of this hymn. One of the shining virtues of the traditional hymn is its haunting melody. Thankfully, the version we are playing preserves the original melody and nearly all of the original lyrics. It's updated slightly to suit popular modern tastes.

Song Info: The lyrics were written by Joseph Hart in the 18th century. Hart was a hymn writer and minister in London, but he did not become converted until age 45. For much of his life he lived in opposition to God. This hymn seems particularly suited to his story. My favorite line is: "Come ye weary, heavy laden, lost and ruined by the fall. If you tarry til you're better you will never come at all." This version of the song was arranged and produced by Sojourn Church in Louisville Kentucky. Sojourn is a young, but large, reformed congregation in Louisville that is responsible for producing much excellent music and planting many healthy churches around the United States.


4. Love Lifted Me

Style: We play a contemporary version of this hymn which is upbeat with a motown feel.

Song Info: Love Lifted Me is a classic, American hymn which has been covered and repurposed by artists such as Alan Jackson and Kenny Rogers. It was originally written by James Rowe in the early 20th century. The song very much captures the spirit of early 20th century American, protestant religion, emphasizing a personal encounter with the savior and exhorting all to “be saved today!” The version we play was rearranged by the Sing Team on their 2017 release Sing On.

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5. Come Behold the Wondrous Mystery

Style: This is a contemporary song played in a pop/country/rock style.

Song info: This song was written by Matt Papa and Matt Boswell in 2013. It is an invitation to consider "the mystery of the gospel of Christ". My favorite line in the song is "See the price of our redemption/ See the Father's plan unfold/ bringing many sons to glory/ grace unmeasured, love untold!"

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See you Sunday!