Preparing for Worship - Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday celebrates the most significant redemptive work that God has done for his people to date. Jesus Christ has come, lived, died, and risen again. His resurrection is our assurance of pardon, the down-payment on our inheritance, and our hope that God will raise us up on the last day. This is a day to worship and celebrate together. You can view our full order of worship by clicking here.

Here are the songs we'll sing this Sunday:


Style: This is an up-tempo contemporary hymn that is performed in a celtic style. The usual instrumentation for this hymn would include various strings, piano, and even wind instruments. We'll be playing this song with viola, cello, guitar, and piano. It should make for a beautiful arrangement.

Song Info: This song was written in 2007 by Keith & Kristyn Getty & Stuart Townend. Townend is an English born worship leader and modern hymn writer who is responsible for hymns such as: "In Christ Alone" and "How Deep The Father's Love For Us". His songs are often mistaken to be classic, traditional hymns. This song functions as a great call to worship because it is calling the people of the risen king to come and worship him - whoever they may be. "Come young and old from every land, men and women of the faith". This song reminds us that Jesus, by his death and resurrection, has created a most diverse people that includes men, women, young, and old from every tribe, nation, and tongue.

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2. Christ the Lord is Risen Today

Style: We will be singing the traditional version of this famous easter-hymn. It is up-tempo and celebratory.

Song info: This is a hymn written for Easter by Charles Wesley in 1739. Yet even in 1739, Christian song writers were taking older hymns and contemporizing them. This one was based on an older hymn by the same name that came from the 14th century. The words are set to the tune Lyra Davidica which comes from John Baptist Walsh in 1708. The content of this song focuses on the resurrection of Jesus and what it means for us. It is heavily imbued with Scripture and connects Jesus' resurrection with our hope of resurrection.

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Style: This is a high-energy, up-tempo song. It's a contemporary tune done in a joyful, indie-rock style typical of much of Dustin Kensrue's music. This is the first time that we have played this song, so you might want to listen to it a few times to familiarize yourself.

Song Info: This is one of my favorite worship songs right now. Written and produced by Kensrue, this song appears on his 2013 album The Water And The Blood. Nearly every song on this record is great. This song joyfully celebrates the finished work of Jesus. By his life, death, and resurrection he has reconciled us to the Father and purchased a place for us in the world to come. This is good news that is worthy of joyous celebration. Hopefully this song will help us get into that mindset and rejoice in the gospel.

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4. Lift High The Cross

Style: We will sing the traditional version of this song. It is low-tempo but triumphant and joyful.

Song info: This is another classic easter hymn that has an especial emphasis on Christian mission. It was written by George Kitchin in 1887 and set to the tune we'll be singing by Michael Newbolt in 1916. This song is rife with biblical imagery and allusions to Scripture - many from John's Gospel. Jesus said that when he was lifted up from the earth he would draw all men to himself. So we believe that when the cross of Christ is preached that the Holy Spirit uses it to draw the people of God to repentance and faith.

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Style: This song is up-tempo with a very celebratory spirit. It is perfect as a benedictorial, sending song. Worship will conclude with a recognition that Christ has risen in victory and a call to go and tell the world.

Song Info: This song was written and produced by Brooks Ritter and Mike Cosper of Sojourn Church in Louisville Kentucky. It is a celebration of the victory of the resurrection. "Death is defeated and Jesus reigns, tell the world there is hope in his name". In the name of Jesus we have hope that, though we will suffer death, we too will rise in victory. Death cannot defeat the people of God because death could not defeat Jesus - the king of God's people. This song sends us out into the world in hope and with the message of the gospel in our heart and on our lips.